Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hello ladies! 
Since we have one more day until the best day of the week, I thought I'd feature a casual yet dressy look that's perfect for a Thursday night out. I like to think that Friday and Saturday are the "crazy/party till you drop" kinda days and Thursday helps ease you in. I couldn't help but notice that my color combination is the same as scooby doo's bff Shaggy, but I honestly love them together. It gives off a cool 70's vibe, and with my vintage lace up heels, everything ties in perfectly.

Thrifted blouse 
Thrifted suede skirt 
Thirfted lace up heels 

Love Always, 
Lisa Sails 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3 Days in NYC

It felt like an entire month away from home but this weekend was nothing short of amazing. I'm quite jealous of how much one can do with just 3 days adventuring in New York City. I first started this blog when I made a very spontaneous decision to try and live there, though that failed (miserably) I'm glad I can go back and still be fascinated by everything around me. 

These are some of my photos I took while exploring with my dad, brother and boyfriend. 

All photos taken with iPhone 6

Love Always, 
Lisa Sails