Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Rain

Happy Monday!

I know everyone hates Mondays, but I love them so much. Today has been a bit dark and cloudy, which is very typical for Spring in Florida. I'm preparing for a bunch a rain this season, so I was happy to find this jacket at Goodwill. It's super light weight, and the three quarter sleeve is perfect for the warmer weather. I wanted to lighten up the look with some cute spring colors, and instead of a black heel I went with a gray to compliment the pale palette. My heels and purse still had the price stickers when I found them, together they would have been over $100 but I thrifted them for under $10! The rest of my look was also thrifted a Goodwill, minus the black skinnies, which I found on sale at H&M a while ago for just $5.  

Photographed By Joan Colon

Thrifted Jacket
Thrifted baby blue sweater
Skinnies from H&M
Thrifted heels
Thrifted purse (New York and Company)

Love Always,
Lisa Sails

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


When I got together with Joan to take photos, I realized that most of my looks had black in them. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for keeping it classic with an all black outfit, but it's also nice to bring out some light colors and start getting excited for spring time! My entire look was thrifted at Goodwill and all under $20. 


Photographed by Joan Colon

Thrifted top (zara)
Thrifted cardigan
Thrifted shorts (Gap)
Thrifted sandals (Target)
Thrifted purse

Love Always,
Lisa Sails