Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dots & Denim

I can never have enough dresses. I hate taking forever putting an outfit together, I get so frustrated sometimes when things don't work. I've discovered that if I put too much effort into an outfit it'll look forced and not as good. When in doubt, throw on a dress. It's an outfit all in one. So effortless, and no work at all. My denim vest was half off at Goodwill, and it looks super cool paired up with round Ray Bans and my floppy hat. This polka dot dress I also thrifted is so light and breezy, great for walking around in the sun. 

Photographed by Soncha Rodriguez

Thrifted denim vest
Thrifted polka dot dress
Thrifted western mules
Hat from target
Thrifted purse

Love Always,
Lisa Sails

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bumble and bumble

I'm always up for something fun and different, I know I said before that I wanted to grow my hair out but while attending OPP's Swap and Shop, I encountered Bumble and bumble. I couldn't be happier, I spoke with the lovely Roxanna and soon enough, Soncha and I were setting up our appointments for a razercut Bob. A million looks ran though my mind. I didn't know if I wanted it choppy and messy or sleek and polished. As much as I reminisced about my long hair, there's just something extra sassy about a short do, I feel more mature and sexy. I had so much confident walking into this appointment. Bumble and bumble has quite a reputation and it's amazing that we have a Be Creative House located right in Downtown Orlando, Florida (Louisiana and Texas as well). Makes it easy to get the whole Bb experience without having to travel too far. They offer complimentary haircuts and styling. Our hair date was soon approaching, and of course me and the bff went to the appointment in all black and twinning. I was in dire need of a fitted crop top. So obviously I grabbed the scissors, found a top in my closet and cut it up. I mean... cropped top, cropped hair.. goes well together.

Here's a before shot!

They even have a library with awesome 
haha, can you spot Soncha?

In the process


I love how much movement and texture I have now. It was much first time getting a razor cut, and now I'm obsessed! 

Check out Soncha's before and after! 
She went so short! love that ombre tips we did still show after the cut.

Taking out the new haircut for a spin

Soncha and I had so much fun! Can't wait for the next class!

Such great products, it was hard to make a decision! I finally did and got super inspired to add something to the site. By the end of the week I'll be adding a REVIEW button on the right side! -->
This will give me a chance to show you girls a different side of the blog. I'll be featuring products I love to use, helpful tips, comparing brands and tons more. Look out for it! 

Photographed by Soncha Rodriguez

Check out all things Bumble and bumble on their website and facebook!
Sign up for a class at Be Creative House and follow their facebook!

Old navy black t-shirt (DIY crop top)
H&M skinnies (on sale for $5)
Thrifted olive green heels

Love Always,
Lisa Sails,
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