Thursday, August 21, 2014

All White Affair

Such a different scenery from all my other posts. When deciding on a location, Stephanie had an awesome idea to shoot at my house. Usually when I take photos in my room I'm all alone so it took a second to adjust, but by the end of it we shot three different looks. Stephanie is so awesome to work with! I love the outcome of all the photos, they're very natural even catching some of my giggles in between. Stephanie is always trying something new and has so many great ideas, I cannot wait to shoot with her again! (Links to her website and Instagram below VVV)

Photographed by Stephanie Gonzalez 

Check out all her work at
and be sure to follow her on Instagram @hakunamatata_bro

Next set will be up tomorrow :)

Thrifted white blouse
Thrifted H&M skirt
Nine West heels

Love Always,
Lisa Sails

Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY jewelry holder

What I used:
Framed cork board 
Wire hanger
Pins and thumbtacks 

Wanted to share a creative little DIY I did to display my accessories. If you're trying to find a great way to organize your jewelry, this is a stylish and inexpensive way to do it! your first step is finding the frame. Both Goodwill and Salvation Army have countless frames for under $5, the easy route would be Walmart, Target, Staples. If you already have a frame at home, you can buy sticky sheets of cork from practically any craft store. After you find your board, let your creativity run wild!

What I did:
-Thumbtacks are your best friend, measure the length of your necklaces and bracelets and start pinning where you want everything to hang. keep in mind the more stuff you put the more pins you should add for support. 

- To make the holder for my glasses and rings, I cut up a wire hanger with scissors (takes some patience but if keep bending it'll break) after, I used the pliers to bend circles at the end. Put the thumbtacks through the circles and viola! you have successfully displayed your sunnies. 

- As for the rings, I cut the hook off the hanger and bent it so it can stick out to hold my rings.

Super easy! 

I've gotten some cool suggestions on other ways to display accessories I'd love to try.
What are some things you guys do to show off your pieces? 
 Let me know in a comment below!

Love Always,
Lisa Sails
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